The Crime Prevention Model implemented by Laboratorios Saval S.A. consists of an organizational, administrative and supervisory model to prevent the commission of crimes.

On November 25th, 2009, Law 20,393 was enacted, which became effective on December 2nd, 2009. The law makes legal entities liable for the crimes of money laundering, financing of terrorism, bribery of a national or foreign public official, receiving stolen property, corruption between individuals, misappropriation, unfair administration, incompatible negotiation, water pollution, handling forbidden hydro-biological resources, extractive activities without an aquaculture concession in areas of management and exploitation of benthic resources, management of hydro-biological resources in a collapsed or overexploited state, or their by-products, without proving their legal origin, all hereinafter referred to as the “Crimes”; as well as the procedure for the investigation and confirmation of said liability, the determination of the appropriate sanctions and their enforcement.

Pursuant to said law, legal entities are criminally liable for the aforementioned crimes, when they are committed directly and immediately in their own interest or for their own benefit, by persons who carry out administrative and supervisory activities, and by individuals who are under their direct direction or supervision, provided that the commission of the crime is a consequence of a breach of the duties of direction and supervision of the legal entity.

Following the guidelines set out by Law 20,393, Laboratorios Saval S.A. has implemented a Crime Prevention Model. Said model sets out certain organizational, administrative and supervisory measures aimed at preventing the commission of the “Crimes” indicated in article 1 of Law 20,393.

The Crime Prevention Model implemented by Laboratorios Saval S.A. consists of a set of tools and control measures that are used or carried out on the processes or activities that are most exposed to the commission of the “Crimes” indicated in Law 20,393.

The Board of the Company has appointed a Compliance Officer, who is responsible for establishing, implementing and monitoring the Crime Prevention Model of Laboratorios Saval.

The provisions of this model are binding and mandatory for all persons who collaborate with, provide services for, or interact with third parties on behalf of Laboratorios Saval S.A., regardless of the title or legal status under which they may act, and whether these activities are performed within the territory of the Republic of Chile or abroad.

Any person, who, under any title, provides services for or acts on behalf of the company, whether as a direct or indirect employee, collaborator or service provider, must be informed about the provisions of the Crime Prevention Model.

Every employee, worker, collaborator or service provider is obliged to report, through the channels and means provided by the Company, and in accordance with the established procedure, any infraction to the rules contained in this Model, of which he/she may become aware by any means, which is committed by employees, executives, directors, suppliers or clients.