Ethics Code

Laboratorios Saval S.A. regards respect of each person’s dignity, integrity in one’s actions and transparent processes to be essential values.

Initial Considerations

Laboratorios Saval S.A. aspires to have the values of respect, loyalty, integrity and responsibility, amongst others, prevail in all of its relationships with workers, authorities, competitors, clients and the community at large. 

Laboratorios Saval S.A. seeks to have its members feel proud to be part of the company and to act according to the values that inspire us.

In order to develop an understanding of these values, Laboratorios Saval S.A. has created this Ethics Code that will guide decision making processes and the daily conduct of its workers and executives, both within the Company and in relationship with third parties.

This Code constitutes the guidelines for each member of Laboratorios Saval S.A. and we hope that it contributes to the maintenance and development of mutual respect and correct behavior in each of us.

Our Goals 

Doing what is right and respecting others are behavior patterns that Laboratorios Saval S.A. considers essential to and inherent in the actions of each of its members.

To this end, this set of guidelines ought to be respected at all times and Laboratorios Saval S.A. is committed to making available to its people, every resource necessary for their enforcement.

Our People

At Laboratorios Saval S.A. a person’s dignity is protected and respected above all. For this reason, Laboratorios Saval S.A. propitiates an ideal work environment where there is no discrimination and all people are offered equal opportunity.

No form of discrimination is allowed with regards to age, sex, creed or condition, nor is any conduct tolerated that may be constituve to harassment.

Additionally, Laboratorios Saval S.A. commits to contributing permanently to the training of each of its members and to encouraging the care and protection  of its nuclear family.

The Community

Laboratorios Saval S.A. confirms and reaffirms its commitment to the community, particularly in its important role maintaining and caring the health of each of its people.

Therefore, anyone who is part of Laboratorios Saval S.A. ought to look out for social well-being and promote healthy coexistence.

Respect for Authorities and Laws

All members of Laboratorios Saval S.A., in carrying out their roles, must abide by the law and respect the authorities.

Laboratorios Saval S.A. encourages that this conduct also be observed in one’s personal life.

Laboratorios Saval S.A. does not tolerate or accept payments or gifts of any type to public authorities.

Relationship with Suppliers

Respect of the law should prevail in all of our relationships with suppliers. To this end, choosing a supplier must involve a fair and transparent process.

Relationship with Clients

Laboratorios Saval S.A. provides its clients with high levels of satisfaction, creating these relationships on the basis of trust and excellence with regards to the quality of medicines and services provided by the company.

Relationship with Competitors

Laboratorios Saval S.A. maintains cordial and dignified relationships with its competitors where free and loyal competition prevails, complying not only legally, but also morally, with activity regulation guidelines.

Use of Information and Confidentiality

All of those who have access to confidential or privileged information, must respect confidentiality, above all if the information has strategic implications for the company.

Obligation to Report

All of the Company’s employees and workers are obligated to report facts they become aware of, that constitute an infringement of the norms in this Code or any other rule, guideline or protocol that Laboratorios Saval S.A. adopts for proper functioning of the Company.

The complaint ought to be issued through a worker’s superior and whoever this may be, must, in the most expeditious manner, bring the complaint to the awareness of the Company’s Ethics Committee.

Ethics Committee

To encourage and promote compliance with this Code and its related guidelines, Laboratorios Saval S.A. nominated an Ethics Committee made up of members from the company’s Executive Board.

All members of Laboratorios Saval S.A. should direct themselves to the Ethics Committee by way of the company CEO or the Compliance Officer, to report any irregularity that they become aware of, making use of their right to remain anonymous, when necessary. 

Any infraction of this Code should be made known to the Ethics Committee which will investigate it and take decisions strictly respecting due process guidelines.

In any case, knowledge of said infractions will fall exclusively upon the Company Board in those cases where a member of Laboratorios Saval S.A. Executive Board might be involved or when the nature of the issue might significantly affect the company’s general interests.