SAVAL Pharmaceuticals history start in the early 30’s in Spain to continue in Chile during the 40’s and in the latest decades in other latin american countries.

Initially, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals produced and marketed ophthalmologic products exclusively but expanded rapidly to other specialities, obtaining leadership within the international pharmaceutical industry. 

The corporate philosophy which has guided us throughout our vast trajectory, was born in those early days: to introduce into the market innovative pharmaceutical products which contribute towards the conservation of health, in harmony with the enhancement of professionals who work in this area. 

During the last decade, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals extended its activities successfully to various countries in Latin America, carrying the same corporate message which has been its flag in every market: a broad range of products and services which contribute to people’s well-being. The present meaning of its mission is proof of its commitment to develop innovative pharmaceutical products and contribute to the improvement of health under a globalized pattern.