President's Message

Our company has always complied with the varied pharmacological needs permanently in demand by our customers. This is the hub of our Corporate Mission.

In addition, ever since we were founded, our company has had the inbuilt commitment to support a variety of areas connected with the academic and scientific enhancement of professionals engaged in matters related to Health. In this way, we believe that our operations provide a dual contribution to any country wherein we have presence, embracing the availability of top quality medication at reasonable prices as well as providing actors within this system with scientific cooperation in their respective fields. 

We have achieved these objectives by a basis of excellence, innovation and creativity. Excellence by offering highly technical pharmaceutical products conforming to international standards of good manufacturing practice. An example of this is the great acceptance of our products by the different latin american countries, creating an auspicious market that is expanding internationally. 

Innovation and creativity have been evident since the creation of SAVAL Pharmaceuticals. The way to focus on our work has enabled us to build an organization which possesses the necessary flexibility to adapt the different stages in our history, this being the reason why our customers clearly perceive the continuing leadership of SAVAL in the market. 

Our concept of organization is centred on the individual as an inexhaustible source of knowledge, creativity and effort. This style has been our characteristic since SAVAL Pharmaceuticals was founded and we are prepared for the important challenges that a globalized world will demand.

Emilio Saval Prados