Social Responsability

True to the principles stated in its corporate mission, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals focuses on promoting respect towards individuals, society and the environment

True to the principles stated in its corporate mission, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals focuses on promoting respect towards individuals, society and the environment 

SAVAL Pharmaceuticals has continuously increased its work force during the last years, privileging good human relations between its workers and the company, especially concentrating on ensuring occupational safety and personal development. Consequently, several continuous training programs have been propelled, which have involved around 25% to 50% of staff. 

Since occupational safety is of vital importance to the firm, several prevention campaigns are permanently conducted, providing occupational health examinations on a periodical basis to everyone offering their services in the technical areas. 

Likewise, a key issue for SAVAL Pharmaceuticals is to intergrate its workers’ family members through Academic Scholarships offered to youngsters who show excellent academic performance and who wish to pursue professional careers. These scholarships aim at benefiting the sons and daughters of our staff members. Up to date, a total of 66 students have received such support. 

SAVAL Pharmaceuticals also shows its commitment to society in two ways: directly by offering contributions and donations to various social institutions, and through training programs for health professionals whose valuable work greatly impacts people’s well-being. Thus, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals tops the amount of Training Scholarships and financial support grants for postgraduate programs in several specialities. A total of 106 physicians have received support from the firm since 1991 and during the year 2008 alone, 14 professionals have been granted this benefit. 

Moreover, the firm has implemented Continuous Medical Education programs, together with renowned medical institutions through e-learning, covering around 500 physicians per year in primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics and orthopaedics. 

Along the same lines of professional improvement, the company has also created a support system for medical practice, by providing 18 free biomedical information centers available to every physician in the country. 

Additionally, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals encourages and sponsors artistic activities through a range of different programs, workshops and exhibitions that aim at spreading artistic and cultural awareness. Such initiatives are called SAVAL en el Arte. 

Concerning environmental commitment, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals strictly follows the norms and regulations stated by the sanitary authorities.

In brief, SAVAL Pharmaceuticals believes in the importance of acting with social respnsibility by applying several initiatives that follow the firm’s internal philosophy, always pursuing the goal of truly contributing to our society.