About us

Since our inception as a pharmaceutical company in Spain, continuing as Laboratorios SAVAL in Chile, and later thanks to our growth in Latin America, our concept of organizational development has been focused on the individual as an endless source of knowledge, creativity, and effort, combined with a vocation to health care striving for excellence in what we do. This has been our philosophy since our foundation, and we feel ready for the significant challenges of a globalized world.

  • Mission and Vision

    The mission and vision that guide the development and growth of Laboratorios SAVAL.

  • Our Purpose

    Always caring for people’s health ensuring quality, accessibility, and efficiency.

  • Our Principles

    Values that drive us at SAVAL

  • Our History

    Laboratorios SAVAL began in Spain during the 1930s, to then continue in Chile at the end of that same decade. Later, a process of expansion and internationalization followed which allowed the company to be now present in 14 Latin American countries.

  • Our Milestones

    Major milestones and contributions in Chile and Latin America.

  • News

    Latest news from Laboratorios SAVAL