SAVAL’s relationship with its environment is key for the company’s commitment to its purpose. The company’s desire to contribute to the community and to its welfare and development is supported by SAVAL’s historical tradition of care for different neighbors and stakeholders.

i. Donations

As a way of making a tangible contribution to those most disadvantaged communities, SAVAL collaborates with several organizations and foundations.

For example, in Chile we have made monetary donations to several non-profit entities including, but not limited to, the Fundación de Beneficencia Hogar de Cristo, Do Smart City, Corporación de Amigos del Hospital Luis Calvo Mackenna (AMICAM), and the Corporación Amigos del Hospital Roberto del Río (COAR), Fundación Nuestros Hijos. In addition, we have made medicine donations for medical activities collaborating with the community through municipalities, societies and hospitals, as well as in natural disasters.

Actions are also performed in other countries. Paraguay traditionally carries out the "SAVAL Solidario" program, which seeks to collect non-perishable goods, clothes and shoes from each collaborator to donate to an entity in need. In Costa Rica, campaigns to support schools and children’s playgrounds are carried out every year, where collaborators volunteer to make repairs or support activities Additionally, Laboratorios SAVAL Costa Rica is an strategic partner of the Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Costa Rica (Costa Rica Firefighter Corp), which conducts training activities in the company's facilities, provide training support for emergency teams, and supervise the fire prevention system annually

ii. Environmental commitment

At SAVAL we are aware of the importance of environmental care and the places where we operate.
For that reason, the governing principles that guide our daily actions are as follows:
→ In-house waste management coordination with the different areas that make up the company, as well as third-party disposal services.
→ Ensure palletizing process, waste pallet stacking and shipment for destruction.
→ Encourage all operating personnel of SAVAL group's companies to be trained in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
→ Ensure that all the people who make up the staff of the Group's companies are aware of the environmental management obligations and responsibilities assigned to them, and the functions they must carry out in this regard.
→ Select and use the best technologies in terms of materials and processes to minimize negative impacts on the Environment.

In 2022 we began to explore different actions intended to reinforce our commitment in this area.

Chile is currently focused on making a level 1 energy diagnosis of the company, with a view to implementing performance and efficiency improvements.

In addition, an annual report called "quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions" is being prepared, whose purpose is to detail a review of the conformity of the report and declaration of greenhouse gases that will allow the company to achieve the level of quantification according to the Ministry of Energy's Huella Chile program.

CO2 emissions generated in 2022 (Tons)
Scope 1 GHG Emissions  1423
Scope 2 GHG Emissions  3249
Scope 3 GHG Other Emissions  N/A
Total 4.852


The verification process involved in this report is carried out in accordance with the criteria described in ISO Standard No. 14064-3, with a limited level of assurance, seeking to determine that the information and data content related to the inventory are duly supported and with sufficient evidence.

In this sense, we consider the following issues for review:

  • Determine that the application complies with the accreditation requirements established by the Huella Chile Program of the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Verify that GHG declarations are complete, accurate, consistent, transparent and free of material discrepancies.
  • Determine that the carbon footprint has been calculated in accordance with the specifications of ISO Standard No. 14064

In order to achieve higher mitigation levels of GHG emissions, as a company we are evaluating different initiatives related to energy efficiency programs to reduce fuel consumption; replacement of gases in refrigeration systems; and purchase of energy from a renewable matrix.

Other actions take place, for example in Paraguay, where there is an awareness program to reduce the use of paper and/or reuse paper. In addition, the bags used for the delivery of free drug samples and promotional items are made of BIOPLASTIC, based on 100% biodegradable starch and vegetable oils.

Costa Rica participates in the Blue Flag ecological program in the climate change category, with the objective of promoting good environmental practices among collaborators. Annually, together with the Municipality of Cartago, it participates in reforestation campaigns along the main riverbanks of the province. In addition, and given its commitment to the environment, it has an industrial water pretreatment plant and a sewage plant.

iii. Support to our Patients

In Chile, we have been implementing the SAVAL Wellness Program for several years, which consists of a web page that offers an interesting discount program to patients in a wide variety of our products, as well as educational information prepared for them. This is a way to support patients by generating greater access to SAVAL products.

Discounts are obtained by purchasing the drug at any of the participating pharmacies.

Around 30,000 coupons are delivered annually, and the number of users visiting the site is around 500,000.

iv. Continuing Medical Education

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program has been active for more than 20 years, accumulating more than 500 courses and 107,000 students in all the countries where SAVAL operates.

More than 50 courses are held annually with the participation of around 13,000 medical students and other health professionals, in addition to providing scholarships for doctors from all the countries where SAVAL operates. In addition to the above, scientific extension conferences, webinars, and seminars are held with national and international dissemination.

As SAVAL has traditionally been committed to the arts, physicians are also offered renowned cultural activities. These include webinars, conferences, and lecture series for all physicians in the countries where SAVAL is present.