For SAVAL, collaborators are a key part of the company’s success and development, both in the past and in the future. Therefore, SAVAL’s purpose becomes a reality together with the big SAVAL family.

i. Continuing education for personnel

As a company, we believe that the learning process is a continuum and must be improved daily. Therefore, there are various training tools available for collaborators in the company. 
In-house training is designed, prepared, and performed in e-learning format, focused on providing new tools to professionals, giving priority to their development and improvement. Likewise, online courses delivered by external providers are also available.  These courses have been attended by both old and new collaborators in the different countries.

These training courses include those related with compliance, pharmacovigilance, safety and health in the workplace policies, as well as crime prevention models and policies against sexual harassment. Training and workshops on sales techniques, territory management and teamwork for commercial areas are also provided. Supply teams are trained in SAP, Excel and Good Distribution Practices (GDP); and Finance and Administration staff is trained in local regulatory changes (tax, social security, accounting), among others.

There is a plant-specific plan also. In Costa Rica, an annual training plan focused on the maintenance and strengthening of skills required for a proper performance of duties is implemented. This plan covers 100% of the staffing plant operation and administrative personnel. With the purpose to promote the “Zero accidents in the workplace” program, training courses on occupational health and safety are provided by a qualified professional. Training programs on several areas such as engineering, quality and regulatory affairs are also developed in Chile so as to promote further training and development of workers.

Medical Management has a periodic Biomedical Training (BMT) Program for SAVAL’s representatives in all countries. This program is intended to provide collaborators with updated and ongoing knowledge, allowing them to develop their work in a comprehensive manner and in line with Laboratorios SAVAL’s standards. This includes medical representatives in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama.

And as part of new academic development practices and to promote professional growth and the development of collaborators and technical personnel, a scholarship program has recently been implemented for employees who have excelled for their leadership and high performance throughout the year to participate in diploma courses at prestigious universities. This program has been delivered to collaborators in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Focus on leadership development is key to meeting Laboratorios SAVAL’s objectives. Therefore, within the comprehensive training of the leading company SAVAL there are different tools such as diploma courses in leadership, coaching and other training and assistance.

ii.  Healthcare of personnel

In line with the company's commitment to caring for people's health, there are different mechanisms in the countries that provide support and assistance to collaborators.

In Chile, the Corporación Bienestar provides multiple benefits focused mainly on health issues, providing financial support for medical, dental, and hospital consultations, medicines, birth, marriage and death grants. Prevention campaigns are also carried out on a permanent basis, offering free occupational examinations, including ophthalmological check-ups and influenza vaccination campaigns, benefiting collaborators and their families.

In Paraguay there is a prepaid medical care insurance including coverage for tertiary care for each collaborator's family group. An annual medical check-up and annual vaccination program (Influenza and COVID) is available for all employees. In commemorative months, and with the purpose of raising awareness, informative talks are held for women (breast check-ups) and for men (prostate check-ups).

In Costa Rica, there is a medical office that provides comprehensive care to employees in basic medicine, nutrition and physical therapy. In addition, campaigns for the prevention of infectious diseases and general health prevention messages are developed.

iii. Educational support to families

We know that a strong educational training is essential in the development and future of new generations. In our commitment to support the well-being of our collaborators and their families, the Laboratorios SAVAL Academic Excellence Scholarship program is carried out every year, a tradition that aims to foster the study, effort and academic excellence of the children of the company’s employees. In addition, the Corporación Bienestar includes an annual school voucher to support the period of compulsory education in the country.

In Costa Rica, we support the families of our operational area employees by providing school packages at the beginning of the school year.

iv. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Laboratorios SAVAL, we firmly believe that diverse teams promote healthier work cultures, and this translates into more successful companies.

This is reflected by the composition of our staff, with a share of women and men of 53% and 47%, respectively.

For Chile, and in accordance with the provisions of Law 21,015 on Labor Inclusion, we also have 1% of collaborators with disabilities.