Quality Standards and Good Manufacturing Practices

At SAVAL, all the operations are performed in accordance with the Quality Assurance guidelines, which include a commitment to the activities of the Continuous Improvement, Total Quality and World Class Manufacturing programs.

Quality Policy

SAVAL’s quality policy has been signed by the Company's senior management declaring the intentions and overall direction in relation to quality. This policy is summarized in the following paragraph: 

“SAVAL. declares its commitment to continuously improve its processes in such a way as to offer its patients, clients and doctors pharmaceutical products manufactured under strict quality standards, in full accordance with the "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP), "Good Manufacturing Practices", Laboratory” (GLP), “Good Pharmacovigilance Practices” (GVP) and “Good Storage and Distribution Practices” (GSP and GDP), recommended by the World Health Organization and the Health Agencies of the countries where it is present” 

Good Manufacturing Practices

A SAVAL quality medicine is the result of careful planning and joint efforts of all members of the company managing its production processes based on operational designs according to the World Health Organization through the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or "Current Good Manufacturing Practices" (cGMP) whose objective is to achieve excellence as a quality standard in the production of a drug.

SAVAL Quality System is fully supported by the WHO Good Manufacturing Practices, which ensure the quality of all its products, from the design, purchase and receipt of supplies from qualified suppliers to the manufacturing of the finished product. This is the result of a number of controlled stages, which are supported by training, maintenance, calibration, cleaning and sanitizing programs, validation and qualification studies, as well as documentary management, among others.